About the Author: Tiffany Ashton, MAS, CCRA

Tiffany Ashton is a seasoned Clinical Research Professional who has earned a BA from San Diego State University, a Masters of Advanced Studies in Clinical Research from the University of California, San Diego, an ACRP Certified Clinical Research Associate designation, and a Certificate in Clinical Trials Design and Management. In addition, Tiffany possesses an impressive and eclectic list of therapeutic experience which include: Oncology, Rare Disease, Gene Therapy, CNS, Gastroenterology, amongst others.

With nearly 20 years’ experience working as a highly respected professional in the community, Tiffany has served various Clinical Research roles and gained firsthand industry specific expertise that is second to none. Tiffany strives to make a true and lasting impact, knowing that the key to success is what she can do for others.

As the Director of Operations at ClinEssentials, Tiffany utilizes her experience within the Clinical Research Industry to understand the pressures that Clinical Research Professionals face on a daily basis. In this role, she works to strategically address challenges, overcome obstacles, provide critical guidance, and sharpen skills to elevate careers to the next level.

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About ClinEssentials

ClinEssentials is an organization dedicated to its mission to revolutionize the Clinical Research industry with time-saving tools and resources that result in more effective and efficient processes. Custom-made solutions for Clinical Research Professionals from ClinEssentials improve on-site communications, decrease stress for CRCs and CRAs, and create efficiencies without decreasing quality.

Along with products including CRA Audit Notes, Action Item Carbonless Pads, and Visit To Do Lists, ClinEssentials also offers a variety of support services. CTM Training and Career Services through ClinEssentials are opportunities for Clinical Research Professionals to enhance their career in the industry. For Sponsors and CROs, ClinEssentials provides a Study Rescue program as well as Custom Product Development. In addition, the Career Opportunities page benefits both Sponsors and CROs by posting job openings to connect with industry professionals in the ClinEssentials database who are looking for their next role.

To learn more about ClinEssentials visit https://clinessentials.com/.

To contact Tiffany Ashton, email tashton@clinessentials.com or follow Tiffany on LinkedIn @tiffany-ashton-clinessentials.

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