About The Faculty Guide

About the Faculty Guide for Human Subjects Research Training:

With the increased use of online instruction, the Faculty Guide was created to aid instructors using Lean eCORE online courses to teach regulatory and ethical issues in protecting human research participants.  The Guide can be used with either of the Human Subjects Research Training courses, HSRT or HSRT SBER.

The Guide provides suggestions for additional readings, topics for classroom discussion, and for student assignments.  The readings include influential documents like the Belmont Report principles and reports from the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues. Instructors will also find references to relevant peer-reviewed and lay press articles.  The resources in the Faculty Guide enable human subjects research training classes to delve deeper into key ethical issues addressed in our courses.

Who is it For?

Who is it For?

  • Anyone teaching the regulations and ethical standards for protecting human research participants, like the Belmont Report principles and the Common Rule.  It is appropriate for graduate and undergraduate level training, as well as for research-related advanced high school courses (e.g.  AP Research).

Key Features & Benefits

Research Ethics

The Faculty Guide is conveniently provided in a downloadable format.

The Guide is organized around the modules in the HSRT courses including history of protecting human research participants, codes and regulations, and the Belmont Report principles of respect for persons, beneficence, and justice.

Within each module, the Guide provides suggested readings and activities for a range of important HSRT topics relevant to protecting human research participants.

A list of additional online resources related to protecting human research participants is also included in this Guide.

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